White, Black & Paneled…the Alternatives to Stainless Appliances

Stainless appliances have been THE popular choice for kitchen appliances for more than a decade. We love them for their sleek look and versatility to work in any type of design aesthetic from traditional to modern. But if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen and you want to go with something different, there are options that are just as good looking as stainless. In this blog we are going to talk about when using white, black or paneled front appliances are good alternatives. Read more

Five Details to Up the Luxury Factor in Your Bathrooms

Let’s take a moment and talk about how the bathroom has evolved over time. What used to be strictly utilitarian spaces have now become decorative and luxurious. Master bathrooms in particular are now designed to be a quiet oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Powder rooms are often a great place to try out unique or higher end selections since they are smaller and require less material. Read more

Be Careful Not to Make These Common Building Code Violations

May is officially National Home Improvement Month! When the weather warms up, homeowners start getting the itch to make updates to their home. Taking care of your biggest investment is definitely worth your time and is very rewarding once the project is complete. Perhaps you want to improve your outdoor areas or maybe one of your bathrooms needs some updating. Whatever the case may be, there are some important building code violations that are commonly made, unknowingly by DIY remodelers. We’d like to bring these to your attention, so you can avoid making them yourselves. Read more

A Laundry Room that Maximizes Space & Functionality

Laundry rooms are a critical space in every home, yet they rarely get the design attention they deserve. Households of all sizes need a spot for the washer and dryer, but let’s face it, when they are shoved into small closet spaces in the hallway or tucked into the kitchen, those areas end up being a catch-all space for laundry bins and hampers and cause a traffic jam. The most functional laundry rooms incorporate enough space for your appliances, folding, a sink, and storage for detergents. Read more

2017 Tile Trend Report

Coverings is an annual trade show that showcases the latest tile and stone products. Earlier in April, the show was held in Orlando and featured 9 miles worth of trends and exhibits. Wow, that’s a lot of floor and wall coverings! Although we didn’t attend, we’ve done our research to keep up with the latest innovations and how designers and trendsetters are using tile. Since the majority of our remodeling projects include flooring and sometimes wall coverings, tile is a material we talk about every day. And if you are planning a remodeling project, it’s probably in your future as well. So, take a look and check out the trends that were spotted at this year’s Coverings show below. Read more